About us

World of Delights is a fast-growing international retail organisation with more than 40 retail outlets, mainly at airports. For over 50 years, we have been active at Schiphol Airport, among others.

We operate Souvenir, Toy, Sports, Gift & Swarovski shops. In addition to Schiphol Airport, we are active at Copenhagen Airport and in the city centre of Delft, we operate souvenir and gift shops at the Keukenhof and several Elephant Parade webshops.

What we do

Our shops at Schiphol are part of the See Buy Fly shopping centre, which is behind customs. You may be familiar with their yellow shopping bags carried by many passengers at Schiphol. All shops at the airport follow the See Buy Fly concept. This includes opening hours, corporate clothing and advertising. In the city centre of Delft we operate souvenir shops where we offer various products including hand-painted Delfts Blauw. In the shops at the Keukenhof we offer Keukenhof and Holland merchandising, in addition to souvenirs. The World of Delights main office and warehouse is located in Lijnden. Here, the purchasing process takes place, the product range is put together and accounts are kept. All products are delivered to the warehouse. Here the goods are checked, catalogued and set to a location. Via an automated system, picking lists are generated and the lists are run for Schiphol, Delft and the Keukenhof, if in season. This process continues seven days per week and is now performed by approximately 330 employees at different locations. During the Keukenhof season they are joined by another 60 employees.

What you can do for us

Would you like to join our team at the main office, in the warehouse or in one of our shops in Delft, at the airport or during the Keukenhof season? All positions are multifaceted, which requires our shop employees to speak at least two foreign languages. Schiphol is in operation 18 hours per day and seven days per week. So working in our shops includes working in shifts every day of the week. See Buy Fly shops are opened from about 03.30 in the morning to 23.00 in the evening. It is also important that you are able to reach Schiphol by public transport or your own conveyance at any time of the day. Do you meet these requirements and would you like to work in a dynamic and international environment? Please enter our application form or contact us for more information.


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World of Delights
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