In the central hall of Lounge 3, you will find Say Cheese, the specialty shop for cheese at Schiphol. This accessible shop in the shape of a large piece of cheese is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Countless kilos of cheese are sold here each year, which are then brought along to all corners of the world. With its extensive assortment of local and foreign cheeses, even the greatest (inter)national cheese enthusiast will have a hard time choosing!

At Say Cheese, you can always sample different cheeses to see which you like most. Of course, our friendly staff are there to give advise as well. Looking for a good wine to go with your cheese, a delicious mustard dip, or a nice cheese souvenir? These are all readily available here as well.

It is not for nothing that Say Cheese was previously ‘Schiphol Retailer of the Year’ and also won the Guest Friendliness Award.  Service with a smile: Say Cheese!