A great way to discover different cultures is through food. Often, you can learn more about a country from its dishes than by visiting a museum... At the FineFood delicatessen, travellers can marvel at the most delicious delicacies from all corners of the world. You will find an extensive, meticulously assembled assortment of local specialties as well as surprising international delicacies much-loved throughout the world. Here you will find the best caviar in the world, luxury truffle products, authentic dried sausage from Spain or Italy, and a variety of delicious cheeses that go well with particular chutneys or mustards.

At the FineFood shop at Schiphol, the spotlight is on ‘Dutch glory’. Here you can find a great many different types of cheese, among other things. And syrup waffles, of course. Lots and lots of syrup waffles in different flavours. You can even buy Dutch herring, packaged in such a way as to keep well during a long flight. In our foreign FineFood stores, the local specialties of the country have a prominent place in the store. And... free samples are available! A piece of syrup waffle or cheese. Then try and resist the urge to stock up while you’re here!