World of Delights

In 1958, a cheese shop and delicatessen came to Schiphol Airport… the future ‘World of Delights’ was born. Travellers from all over the world were treated to the most delightful food and beverages. To this day, that remains unchanged.

At the beginning of this century, World of Delights broadened its focus to developing retail concepts, based on character and innovation. World of Delights no longer focuses only on delicacies. It also specialises in glass, crystal, ceramic and earthenware gift items, souvenirs, toys and sports, all within a specially developed, innovative and successful store concept.

At Schiphol and Copenhagen airports, the 21st-century air traveller finds a wide variety of delicacies, food products and chocolate. Each of outstanding quality, perfectly packaged and presented with style. In addition to airport retail, World of Delights operates nine souvenir shops at the Keukenhof, two souvenir shops in listed buildings in Delft and a souvenir ship on the beach at Scheveningen. And in early 2011 the first souvenir shop in Amsterdam will open its doors.

Three hundred professionals at World of Delights work hard to achieve the highest standards in meticulous and creative craftsmanship. And they do it with much enthusiasm and effort. Success guaranteed!

All our store concepts can be found in our magazine: