V!ZZ!T Gate Stores

Not just one but two exclamation marks: the V!ZZ!T shops are located on the piers B through H and they offer travelers a last opportunity to make a quick purchase before boarding. Both the store layout and the placement of the products have been adapted for easy access. The V!ZZ!T stores are decorated in bright white with orange accents. The larger shops could be considered mini malls themselves, but everything is housed inside one single store: eight different retailers offer V!ZZ!T their most successful items; varying from liquor, cigarettes, tulip bulbs, souvenirs, food, clothes, toys, chocolate, magazines, cosmetics, electronics and sporting goods. The smaller pier shops are more focused on convenience goods. In cooperation with Schiphol, World of Delights ensures that the stores are managed and supplied optimally. Thanks to the success of the first four stores, Schiphol World of Delights was given the contract to service all seven piers.