'V!ZZ!T The Schiphol Selection' is the shop at B, C, D, E, F, G and H piers at Schiphol. It is a shop that is operated by World of Delights in collaboration with all other concessionaires at Schiphol. The formula is based on the last opportunity for passengers to shop before boarding. Both the shop layout and the selection have been tailored to this purpose. This is the place for passengers who have forgotten something or want to quickly pick something up.

From the moving walkway, passengers notice V!ZZ!T immediately. The shop has a modern and appealing look, partly due to its fresh orange colour. Charming images above the shelves indicate the categories. The wording is powerful thanks to the use of an exclamation mark instead of the letter ‘i’. The V!ZZ!T’s non-verbal call is loud and clear: VISIT ME!

Here passengers can find a clever selection of the best Schiphol has to offer: The Schiphol selection! Only the best products, including delicatessen items, perfumes & cosmetics, spirits, cigarettes, chocolate, audio, video, cameras, jewellery, watches, souvenirs, apparel, flower bulbs, snacks and last-minute travel items.

The power of this World of Delights concept is its final appeal to the passengers’ buyer response. They are leaving, perhaps never to return. This is their last chance for a keepsake from Holland. This very successful concept meets the needs of the passenger perfectly.

Address information

Visiting address:
World of Delights
New Yorkstraat 3 – 7
1175 RD Lijnden
Tel: +31 (0)20 403 7000
Fax: +31 (0)20 403 7001

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