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A 9.5-metre fuselage and a motor of a DC-9, a wing section and landing gear of a DC-10, painted in KLM colours. This forms part of the spectacular interior of this World of Delights aviation shop. No consumer can walk past without looking; the shop is the sight to see at Schiphol Plaza shopping centre.

It goes without saying that World of Delights is aiming to reach a broad public with Planes@Plaza. The target audience is anyone with an interest in aviation, arriving and departing passengers, tourists and collectors. Articles for sale at Planes@Plaza:

collectibles (airplane models)
gift items

The DC-9 fuselage, including cockpit, can be viewed from the inside. Films about Schiphol can be seen inside the plane and the ‘traveller’ can take a look inside the cockpit. A thrill for young and old. Visitors can even dress up in uniform with a pilot’s cap and have their picture taken while seated behind the controls. Or experience piloting a plane with a virtual flight simulator game on one of the Playstations.

This spectacular World of Delights concept at Planes@Plaza is a great success. It demonstrates, unequivocally, the importance of the combination of retail, merchandise and leisure. The visitor undergoes an intense experience and translates that into a purchase

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