Let's play

How do you teach children to use their imagination? How do you teach children the joys of playing? World of Delights has an idea: Let's Play. Toys travelling parents are eager to pick up to spoil their children or grandchildren at home. Ideas for upcoming birthdays. High-quality, educational, beautiful toys for all ages.

World of Delights developed a formula that generates a maximum purchasing impulse at airports. The shop is inviting, lively and friendly; a perfect mix of fun and seriousness as befits the perception of toys.

Toys that stimulate the imagination, with which children can build their own world. Barbies, Playmobil and puzzles. And also lots of certified wooden toys. In short: a safe and exciting gift for every child, varying in price from just a few euros for fun gadgets to magnificent, valuable gifts.

By regularly renewing and adjusting both concept and supply, World of Delights sees to it that Let’s Play’s selection is always up-to-date and follows national and international toy trends.

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